Domain Management

There are global registration services. And then there’s Net Management. While others help you register domains, we bring you the most comprehensive suite of services to help you manage your domains.

Services like managing trademarks and other digital intellectual property, helping you buy an unavailable domain, and developing a domain for market.

From large corporate portfolios of domains to single domains for the growing business, we’re experts at domain strategy and optimization, domain recovery, and full-service management. Keep reading to find out why more and more businesses put us in their corner.

Domain Registration

We partner with trusted registrars to register domain names in over 100 TLDs and countries around the world.

Portfolio Administration

We take all the headache out of registering and managing domain names. By handling all of the ground work between the registries, registrars and registrant there is a seamless point of contact taking care of everything while you can focus on your actual business.

Domain Renewals

Make sure your domains are maintained with automatic renewals across each domain portfolio.

Net Management offers a full range of domain services to keep your domains safe, secure and looked after.

Domain Management
Make sure your domains are safe

A great domain name might roll off the tongue, but dig a little deeper and you might discover a history that could penalize your marketing efforts going forward. We ensure that the domain you’re about to purchase is legitimate, is not blacklisted, and is 100% safe.

Provide global domain status

We’re international, so whether you’re looking for a .com, a, .kitchen or .whateversnext, we’re here to help.

Recover domains efficiently

Is someone holding your brand hostage online? You may have the right to the domain, even if they registered it first. We’ll help you recover domains that are rightfully yours.

Prevent sketchy domain abuse tactics

From cybersquatting prevention to capitalizing on the popularity of your domain, we work around the clock to stop others from exploiting your domain name and tarnishing brand.